Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Long Time .... No Review

Watch the trailer
Keen Readers of my blog may have noticed that its been a few months since ive reviewed a movie, this is because i am flat broke, so to counter act the no reviews i shall be post more news and previews, because they are cheap ( free infarct). As well as been broke there are also like no decent looking movies out for what seems like the entire year, with the exception of "The Tree Of Life" (lft) Witch i have literally no clue what its about. The official premise being -a very powerful movie about memories, emotions, and our place in the world. So as you can tell very little is know about it, other than a few things including, Brad Pitt and Sean Pean are in it, and there's Dinosaurs. So im totally sold, from the trailer alone this looks like a masterpiece. Other than that this year looks pretty bland for films, being that theres 27 squeals or remakes this year you could say 2011 is the year of unoriginality. Heres hoping that something unannounced and awesome comes out..... or that one of the 27 franchise films is decent.
I thought since i talked about it in high regard that i might as well add the tree of life trailer to save people the trouble. If this movie ends up sucking im going to be sad


  1. A movie about a boy growing up in the 50's with a strict dad, and a coddling, sensitive mom? I smell a flop

  2. I'm not sure this is my kind of movie.

  3. se they are cheap ( free infarct)

    I don't want a free infarct... Im happy with my brains/heart the way they are....

    :P just joking on your spelling, But this movie looks like a girl movie :(