Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Green Hornet

First of all id like to say, go see this movie its fun and entertaining everything you want a movie to be, its defiently a good way to waste a couple of hours. Nothing very engaging here (this movie wont challenge you)but for a superhero movie that stays grounded in reality its great. So as for story we got Seth Rogan as a rich boy lay about turned clumsy crime fighter, his side kick Jay Chou, the ass kicking super mechanic/barista and finally the king of crime LA Chris Waltz. Everyone plays there roles wonderfully, Mr.Waltz standing out of course, now hes usually a serious actor (Inglorious Bastards) but he can pull of funny as well (the opening with him and James Franco is hilarious). The movie is fast paced and fun to watch, the comedic timing is usually there and as i said before its alot of fun. SO if u got if your bored one night and wanna kill some time with a fun movie id defiantly recommend this. The only downsides being its kinda rude (for kids) and when i saw it not many people were laughing (other than me and a couple of other people) so i dont know that might be a bad sign.... Side note, Cameron Diaz hasn't been hot for like 6 years she need to give it up, she totally unbelievable as the sexy secretary who unknowingly helps them out. It really took away from the movie for me (the fuck is wrong with her upper lip???)



  1. looking forward to it!

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  2. I want t go see this

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  4. Looks good but not anywhere near the original.

  5. This seems good, can't wait for your analysis, although personally I am looking forward to the green lantern a little more.

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  6. Looks ok.. but I dont know about Seth Rogan in this at all. . . . .

  7. this is gonna be good, following

  8. Not a big fan of this movie. Ughh more superhero movies.

  9. look forward to this movie! great blog bro :)

    follow/comment back, thanks

  10. Waiting for this, followed you

  11. I'll be waiting for your review.

    Personally I thought it was OK(6 out of 10).

    Seth Rogen's character was very unlikable which is not a good trait for the main character of a movie.

    Some of the action was good but OVERLY stupid, I know going into this kind of movie you would expect stupid things but there was just too much stupidity in this movie.

    The humor was decent, I LOL'd a few times, but a lot of times the humor missed.

    Like I said the movie was OK, I'll be looking forward to what you have to say.

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  12. I saw the movie it was pretty good

  13. Cannot wait for this movie! Love the blog, keep it up! :)
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  14. This movie looks like its going to be pretty good! Look forward to your review of it! Followed.

  15. Heard good things about this movie,look forward to your review. Followed.

  16. This looks epic... love seth rogen. :P

  17. saw it in 3D last week... woo hoo!

  18. this looks interesting, I'll check it out.

  19. this looks great.... Following and Supporting

  20. I'm pretty tired of the whole "3D" gimmick. It doesn't add much to the experience and branding movies with the title seems very cheap/cheesy

  21. seth rogan often sounds like a tard and looks fat and lazy in movies. he just sounded like a tard in this one. perfect role for the guy who thinks he's the superhero and has a sidekick when he's actually the sidekick... 3d was good. rest was blah.

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  22. This looks pretty cool, can't wait to see it because i love action movies.

  23. I'm going to watch this one. btw, Cameron Diaz is still hot. not just to youngsters under 25...


  24. Wish you could have elaborated a tad more, but good review. I'll give this movie a look, if only just for kicks.

    Supporting as always!

  25. love it!!

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  26. Looks good, got bad reviews :/ What do?

  27. This looks pretty good, looking forward to seeing it. Followed.

  28. I think "The Chauffeur" was the better hero in this movie, to be frank. I also want some of that delicious-looking coffee.

    I like what I see, sir. Follow't.

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